Seri TZ

Dual PID Control Temperature Controller

Temperature controller seri TZ dilengkapi dengan kontrol PID berkecepatan ganda untuk pengontrolan suhu yang presisi dan berkecepatan tinggi. Seri TZ/TZN memiliki fitur akurasi tampilan ±0.3% , fungsi auto-tuning 2-step dan mendukung hingga 13 tipe input yang berbeda, menyediakan pengontrolan suhu yang hebat dan hemat biaya.



Fitur utama

The TZN/TZ series temperature controllers are equipped with dual speed PID control for high-speed or high-precision temperature control. The temperature controllers feature ±0.3% high display accuracy, 2-step auto tuning function and supports up to 13 different types of inputs, providing outstanding temperature control at affordable costs.

  • Dual-speed PID control
    • – High-speed response : minimizes time required to reach SV
    • – Low-speed response : minimizes overshoot for sensitive temperature control
  • High display accuracy : ±0.3% of full-scale value
  • 2-step auto tuning function
  • Various input types (13 total) : includes temperature sensor and analog inputs
  • Various sub-output options
    • – Various alarm outputs including loop break alarm and sensor break alarm
    • – PV transmission output (DC 4-20mA)
    • – RS485 communication output
  • Decimal point display function for analog inputs

Comprehensive Device management Program (DAQMaster)

    • DAQMaster is comprehensive device management program to set parameter and manage monitoring data.
    • Visit our website ( to download user manual and comprehensive device management program.
  • Computer specification for using software
Item Minimum requirements
System IBM PC compatible computer with Intel Pentium Ⅲ or above
Operations Microsoft Windows 98/NT/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Memory 256MB or more
Hard disk More than 1GB of free hard disk space
VGA 1024×768 or higher resolution display
Others RS-232 serial port (9-pin), USB port
  • DAQMaster screen

DAQMaster screen


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